Do you want to organise an event?

You want to set up an event for your company but don’t know where to start. You have no in-house skills, your communication team is overloaded, you urgently need an expert to take charge of your project? Emevento can help you organise any type of event or support you in setting up certain event projects.
Here below few examples :

Do you want to optimise your participation in a trade show and relieve yourself of the logistics associated with this type of time-consuming project?

Benefit from Emevento’s experience in organising tradeshows, in France and abroad: coordination with a company referent or with the various teams involved, selection and coordination of service providers, coordination of stand design, monitoring of registrations, catering and accommodation management, set-up of side events, etc.


Make your participation a real commercial success!


Need to do an annual review or re-motivate your sales teams?


Offer them an event combining information sharing, teamwork sessions and moments of relaxation or fun. Benefit from a seminar organised from A to Z to focus on the essentials. 

Team building
Do you want to organise a team-building weekend to strengthen cohesion between your employees?

Recreate the link between your employees to work better together and move the company forward.

Corporate party or company anniversary

Do you want to celebrate your company’s anniversary or organise a special party to thank your most loyal customers and partners?

Take full advantage of your event and share these special moments with your guests, without worrying about the smallest detail.


The solution for a successful event.