about me


I have put in place more than a hundred professional events over the past 18 years in France, Europe, United States, Middle East and Asia : tradeshows, congress, seminars, team building, internal events…

All these experiences, both in SME’s and in big compagnies, allow me today to offer you the event that will correspond to your values and make an impression.

 My goal: to make your event a success and free you from the logistical contraints due to this kind of project.

Benefits for you:

    • A turnkey event
    • Time saving
    • No stress on D-Day!

Emmanuelle DAGREOU

What makes the difference

Benefit from a personalized follow-up throughout the preparation of the event: a single contact person before, during and after the event, which facilitates communication and follow-up throughout your project.


Organise your event wherever you want, in French, English or Spanish with your foreign subsidiaries or your worldwide clients.


Get more services: Emevento is located within the LOOPING & Bro collective, made up of marketing and communication experts. They can help you in many areas: operational marketing, corporate communication, industrial design and branding packaging.