“Taking part in an exhibition is necessary for the development of my business but a real headache to organise”

You want your company to participate in a major tradeshow but do not have the skills or the time internally to manage this important project?

You want to have a real return on investment and generate as many appointements as possible? You need a project manager able to speak in French, English and Spanish ?

Call on Emevento and put all the assets on your side to make your participation a real commercial success. No need to focus on the technical details and other administrative hassles related to the preparation of a tradeshow.

Focus on the essentials: the development of your business!

What Emevento offers you:

  • The coordination of service providers to give you every chance to promote your brand / your products / your company
  • Study of the expected objectives after the show
  • Follow-up with one or more referents in the company and/or with the departments concerned
  • Regular meetings of the coordination progress of the show
  • Booth set-up and follow-up of the design with a selected service provider/ with your graphic designer
  • Selection & booking of accommodation and catering
  • Organization of specific side-events during the show (customer parties or VIP partner parties, etc.)
  • Selection & coordination of service providers (caterer, booth designer, graphic designer, etc.)
  • Registration follow-up 
  • Logistical and administrative follow-up with the steering committee of the show
  • D-Day coordination
  • Follow-up of the returns of the show
  • Press: interview set-up, press release drafting

Benefit from Emevento’s experience in organising tradeshows, in France and abroad: coordination with a company referent or with the teams involved in the project, selection and coordination of service providers, coordination of booth design, catering and accommodation management, side events organisation, etc.

Make your participation a real commercial success!

Installed in shared offices within the Looping & Bro collective, other marketing & communication experts can complete these services and offer you their expertise in marketing, communication or design.

Participate to a tradeshow with a real return on investment.